About Us

Welcome aboard Barnstormer Brewing & Distilling Co, a collection of like-minded, beer-loving, big-dreaming wing nuts with a wild enthusiasm for crafting the finest beer we can; all in an honest effort to save the world from enduring even one more lousy, domestic bottle of unthinkably bland, filtered, watery beer.

We at BBDC make pure craft beer, and we’re damn good at it.

We’re also humble.

Our operation is set against the gorgeous backdrop of Barrie, Ontario. We have the advantage of being nestled in between the hustle of Toronto to our south and the natural mellow of Muskoka to our north. We draw inspiration from both of these worlds, as well from the diverse collection of people travelling between them, finding harmonies that eventually translate into the absurdly smooth flavour profiles of our ever-growing collection of all-natural beer.

We’ve been experimenting with planes and grains for years with the kind of calculated madness not seen since the original barnstormers of the roaring twenties. It is with that spirit that we endeavor to reach new heights in our pursuit of the perfect beer.


That’s our philosophy. From grain to glass, our process is as natural, sustainable and as true to the craft as possible. We don’t pasteurize and we don’t use a single preservative.

With each and every brew, we’re elevating the standards for what qualifies as a great beverage. In fact, we’ve created a new class of beer so good you'll risk airport security just to keep it close.

Welcome aboard Barnstormer Brewing & Distilling Co.

Welcome to the new class of beer.